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skate sharpening and custom radius profiling

What do some of the Spruce Grove Regals, Ringette Teams and the Junior A Saints have in common with Snipers Skate Shop? They go to Snipers Skate Sharpening to get their blades sharpened AND profiled.

We take great pride in providing our customers with the Keys to Skating success. We do it Right! See Video, Below.

 I follow the same sharpening technique that the Head Equipment Manager for the Arizona Coyotes follows. Why? Because it has worked for my customers for 15 years. At the Group I founded, SSU we discuss optimal ways and techniques to sharpen a skate blade runner: how many passes are really needed, different kinds of finishing hones and processes; what grinding wheels are the best and what results are our respective Pro Shops obtaining for our customers; profiling systems and popular radii. Our Members are situated throughout the World and we have several retired and active NHL Head Equipment Managers in the Group: Mr. Wally Tatomir (Carolina Hurricanes), Mr. John Doolan ( Pittsburgh Penguins). Both gentlemen are retired, and we have others with over 30 years experience. Per-Ake Backman is the acting Equipment Manager for the Swedish U20 Team and you may have seen him and at last Winters World Junior Championship.

Per-Ake Backman of the U20 Swedish National Junior Team is a Member of SSU.