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We are located at the Agrena Complex, Spruce Grove, Stu Barnes East Agrena.

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Connor James ( D-Man with the Junior A Saints ) said this about Snipers Skate Sharpening:
"Thanks for an awesome year of skate sharpening...never had one problem. Looking forward to another season!"

Shop Hours: OPEN: August 31st, 2016/17
Mon & Fri 5:15pm-8:15pm
Tu/Wed/Thur/ 4pm-8:15pm*
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 9am-4pm
*or, later...
Please Note: My Dog, Jasper is scheduled for surgery on August 22, so I will be attending to him. Thank you for your consideration.

Please be sure to check out Marek Babic's link to his Pro Euro Training Hockey School!
Why Choose Snipers Skate Sharpening?
Well--- a lot of those Awesome Ringette Girls, Do!! And, Snipers is a Proud Sponsor of the SGRA, the Annual Sweetheart Tourney and SGMHA.
  • Proud to sponsor and sharpen the skates of some of the past CJHL CHAMPION Junior B Regals & Many Elite Ringette Players & the 4 time AJHL CHAMPION Spruce Grove Saints.
  • BLADEMASTER Trained & Certified
  •  David is the Founder & Contributor of SSU: Skate Sharpening University with a Network of over 300 of the Best Proshop/Pro Equipment Managers in the World. If you need answers to any skate maintenance problem, we have the answers or we can get YOU the answers...FAST!

Captain Corey Chorneyko said this: "I just want to thank David for all of his time and great work that he has done for not only myself, but the Spruce Grove Saints Organization while I played there. His knowledge for skate sharpening and repairs is Top Notch!"

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Mark VI Custom Radius

Profiling: We will do Custom Profiling for YOU on the following days: Mondays & Wednesdays. Please Note: You will be able to pick up your finished skates the next day ( Tuesdays & Thursdays).

If you want the best performance out of your skating, you should get your skates profiled/contoured at least 2 times per year. We will re-balance your skates to Optimize agility, speed, glide and stability. Interested in learning what the Swedish Junior Team is using on their skates? Talk to David at Snipers Skate Shop.

Cole Nicholson (#6 Two-time AJHL Champion) said this about Snipers Skate Sharpening...

"Thank you for the awesome skate sharpenings, profiling and great service. Looking forward to another great year! High end quality!"

Those Awesome Regals Boys!
We are the Regals Official Skate Sharpeners!
And, we are Proud Sponsors, too.
We have been using the Blademaster Sharpening Technique for 11 years. And so does Elbe Hockey and the Arizona Coyotes @arizonacoyotes
We have LS3 Edge Blades, Howies Products and more new products coming in the Fall of 2016.

We are located in the Stu Barnes East Agrena Complex in Downtown Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Adjacent to the 9 Story Condo Project off King Street.
E-Mail: Phone: 780-217-4427
Like our Snipers Fan Page on Facebook. David has 11 years of professional experienceCertified and Factory Trained by Blademaster---The Industry Leader. David is the Founder of Skate Sharpening University on Facebook: A by-invitation, only Forum with Faculty Members from all over Canada, the United States and Europe. We discuss optimal ways to improve our skate sharpening expertise, deliver excellent customer service and more.  Snipers is dedicated and clearly want to be the best...for YOU.

Corey Chorneyko

Past-Captain, MVP, AJHL, AllStar  & Champion recommends Snipers.


Recommended by: Kaylin & Danielle Bechard of Edmonton Wam!

Austin Hunter

AJHL CHAMPION! See the Snipers Team for Championship Results!

Recommended & Endorsed by

Courtney Lane of the Stony

Plain Flyers! See his review on our Facebook Page: Snipers!

Endorsed by: Troy Bourke, U18 Team Canada Bronze Medal Winners; Recommended by many Customers, SGRA players, AHL, ECHL; and recommended by many past WHL, NHL, CJHL Hockey Players. If YOU want to review and recommend Snipers, click on Facebook icon. I will include them on this website. I thank YOU in advance. Thanks to Rhyce Cotterill. We are the Official Skate Sharpeners for the Spruce Grove Regals.


David W. Carlson/Karlsson sharpened the Chinese National Women's Olympic Hockey Teams' Skates.

We are always striving to perfect our craft and invite YOU to see why people recommend our service. More exciting announcements to come.Thank You for visiting and C U @ the Stu...The Stu Barnes Arena, that is!

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